Jerry Uelsmann

PRINT OF THE WEEK: Jerry Uelsmann. Just thought I'd share the latest print in the collection, with thanks to Point Light Gallery. Last year they held an exhbition by Jerry Uelsmann, master print maker. Seeing this show was a dream come true. REAL Uelsmann prints, in the flesh so to speak and I just had to have one. The thing about buying hand made prints is it will ALWAYS be worth the dollars. Over 25 years this image will cost about 0.44 cents a day. And the delight of seeing this image every day makes it well worth it….J. Uelsmann copy

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Hand made folio by Jack Picone

Been in the dark eight days straight… should have a bed in there!
I just thought I'd share a pic of Jack Picone's latest panorama folio. The edition consist of ten hand made 24/10″ prints which I was lucky enough to print for Jack mid last year. I have my copy of the folio handy if anyone is interested in seeing the whole set. They are also for sale of course through Jack's website. He was a pleasure to have in the darkroom, which is another little perk of a lab rat!

J. Picone

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Tim Page – “Diggers in the Nam”

Tim Page in the NamA collection of 20 gelatin silver prints from 1965 – 1969.  Prints are from the personal collection of Chris Reid, originally produced in 2012.

For purchasing enquires, please contact Tim Page or Josef Lebovic Gallery


A Limited Edition of 5 box sets

To mark the 50th Anniversary of Australian troops involvement in the Vietnam War

Legendary photographer Tim Page in collaboration with master B&W printer Chris Reid, has produced a limited edition set of 20

Gelatin Silver prints (per box set) to mark the 50th Anniversary of Australian troops arrival and involvement in the Vietnam War.

It’s a war that Tim Page covered from early ’65 – before the American marines had even landed at Da Nang – until April ’69

when a 105mm anti tank mine exploded under the Sgt. in front of him.  He survived, as has his extraordinary body of work taken

during that conflict.

He was there when the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) troops arrived in Vung Tau for deployment in Bien Hoa.

He went out on patrol with them, covered skirmishes, actions and the Battle of Coral.  When then Prime Minister

John Gorton traveled to Vietnam, LIFE magazine sent Tim Page to cover the four day visit.  Tim also spent time out in

the jungle with the legendary AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam) and after his arrival in Australia

was invited to become an Honourary Member of ‘The Team’.Tim Page by Bradley Scott 2013

This collection of images reflect the imprint left behind after spending time with these Australian troops, some

of them not long conscripted into the army.  The memories, 50 years later are not just of the battles but of the

professionalism, discipline, bravery, mate-ship; all the things that made a memorable impression on a young, British 20 year old photographer

that he has never forgotten.

Tim Page moved to Australia in 2002 and is now an Australian citizen.  Since arriving in Australia he has traveled once again with

Australian troops, to The Solomons and East Timor.

His images of Australian troops in all three actions are held by the Australian War Memorial.

Only 4 of the Limited Edition Box Sets – ‘DIGGERS IN THE NAM’ are for sale.

Tim has donated a box set to ‘SOLDIER ON’  a registered charity to help young wounded veterans

from the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.  Money raised from that set will go towards a new machine to assist in the rehabilitation

of veterans who have become amputees.

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Blast to the Past

Yea haa for friday….. Just thought I’d share some old photo mag covers from the 80’s thru to the naughties. A friend passed on 3 boxes of these goodies and I’m slowly getting through them. They reminded me of the feeling one gets when printing a neg from 20 years ago, watching it appear through the developer and being instantly transported back in time, to the very moment of exposure and even to events leading up to the shot.

It’s a great feeling being able to time travel….


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Ones & Zeros

ONES & ZEROSR. Saintly

Well it’s been flat out at the studio lately. Apart from the delivery of the latest Foma order, I’ve been pushing pixels for near on 5 days straight. And I’ve just about had it too.

Although the Digital enlarger is straight forward enough to use, there is a lack of “self” in the printing process. Personally, I prefer the silver negative, ya know, you have a wee look through the lightbox, use the light meter within the head and before you know it, a print is on it way to the final wash. But with pixels, well they seem to have a life of their own. They don’t play nice and I want to send the files off to the corner……

But mind you, there is a place for the ol’ thing yet. Most of the images were captured due to the film camera not working or other out of control reasons. So without the digital camera a lot of fine prints would not have existed.

In other news, Ellie Young from has announced the confirmation of a print workshop that I’ve been hanging to learn, the process of “Mordançage“.

I first seen this process while giving a floor talk at last years Ballarat International Foto Biennale. The instructor is coming all the way from the U.S.A. and will teaching a few other processes also. And a final piece of news, a new exhibition will be coming to blanco negro in the next weeks. I’ll be hanging a collection of hand made prints by “the Gathers”. The Gathering itself is hosted by Gold Street Studios every year, where a bunch of large format photographers gather together for foto fest over two and a half days. Yours truly, is the lab rat of course, and get pleasure ribbing all of them, as is my wont…..

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Ralph Gibson print

Ralph GibsonTodays hand made print is by legendary photographer Ralph Gibson.

The image was taken at the Chelsea Hotel in N.Y.C. from memory, and the modle was his friend’s girlfriend. The shot is from 1962 and the print is vintage. Ralph was brought out to Australia by Tobi & Rob, and together with Point Light Gallery Sydney, arranged an exhibition of his work and also hosted several nude photographic workshops. Being the lab rat I am, I was in charge of processing & proofing most of the students films. So at the end of the day I’d process approx.. 30 rolls of film and make SUPER proofs (enlarged contact sheets onto 20×24 inch paper) to have ready first thing in the morning for review. Most days I’d start at 5 pm and finish between 1.00 am – 2.00 am. It was kind of weird crackin’ a beer at 2.30 am I must say.

My clearest memory during the 2 weeks of workshops was how excellent ALL the students film looked. I mean they ALL looked awesome and this gave me a huge respect for not only Ralph and his photography, but also his ability to teach. It was with great thanks to Point Light that I now own this print and their patience in letting me pay if off over 12 months! I hope you enjoy it too….. If your keen to see more of his work, Point Light has a few prints hanging on their wall RIGHT now!

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“The Australian” by Uel Lim

Uel LimGet along to Uel Lim’s exhibition, ‘The Australian’. It’s starting this Thursday the 3rd of April and running until the 14th at Wedge Gallery at Books Kinokuniya in the Galeries Victoria. A collection of hand printed gelatin silver prints by Blanco Negro.

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It ain't pretty

A wee pic by bradley scott testing a 5/4″ rangefinder by Razzle. So a bit of news: Congrats to Barat Ali Batoor on his fantastic Walkley win and you can hear his artist talk at 10/8 gallery, Surry Hills, tomorrow too. Also learnt Tim Page was bitten by a AFP Bureau guard dog in Hanoi covering General Gaip’s funeral. His good self & I will be at the Sydney Polo club for a Soldier On charity event and will have a collection of his “Diggers in the Nam” prints for a viewing. The exhibition at Blanco will be next month. Chris Reid by Bradley Scott

Chris Reid #2 by Bradley Scott

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A printer's best friend…

Alastair Moore collects his new little enlarger for large format contact printing. The bare light globe was just too fast, and even using the Fomalux chloride contact paper, it's always going to be limiting…. So, having half a dozen spare enlargers I suggested making life in the dark a bit easier. Follow Alastairs blog here: & a huge thanks for listing Blanco Negro on your front page mate. It all helps.A. Moore

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Andrea Francolini Exhibition: “More To Come”

G'day for a hot Friday!
Well I've just confirmed the next exhibition @ Blanco by sports snapper Andrea Francolini. On display will be a selection of B&W traditional sports, some HOLGA pics and also his latest Folio Vol 1. We will also be launching his fundraising book for his charity “my first school”. A beautiful selection of colour images promoting education in northern Pakistan. In other news, I'm in the process of building a new website, so please bear with me if you see any issues.
That's it for now, stay cool
A. Francolini exhibition

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“Over the Line” by Mike Magee


Over the Line“We’ve had some tough times over the years but when something like this happens, to win a Grand Final, it puts everything into perspective and makes it all worthwhile. To all our supporters, when the going gets tough and we need some inspiration you get us over the line!” Greg Matterson, Newtown Jets Head Coach.


Rugby League has been a part of Sydney’s tribal make-up, ritual and community since it was established in 1908. The Newtown club has been there since the beginning, a special part in its history and folklore. Local photographer Mike Magee has been following the Jets for four seasons and this photographic series captures some of the tension and jubilation from the 2012 season. From Henson Park to Leichardt Oval and ANZ Stadium a glorious new chapter was written on the field, in the sheds, from the stands and on the hill. In these times of increasing commercialisation and controversy it is a document of “grass root” sport and culture as it struggles to survive.


Mike Magee lived and photographed in Central America before returning to Australia in 2009. He studied for several years at the Australian Centre for Photography while settling in Marrickville where his work has been exhibited and received awards. This is his first participation in the Head On Photo Festival and he is delighted to be accepted as an associated show this year.


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Film, Film, Film….

137 rolls of film, developed & proofed (by hand). 1 lab rat + 1 assistant Bradley Scott. 12 hour day in the dark. Thanks Steve Dupont! I’ll be closing for Christmas next week, the 20th being my last day. Back again on the 6th of January. Cheers!!Film, ya gotta love it

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