November news… from the off grid darkroom. Working at Gold Street Studios 9th -14th Nov, again!

Well it has been just over 6 weeks now since I have started working form the bush and I must say you can get sooo much more work finished in a much shorter time. Being off line also helps a hell of a lot. I travel 7 minutes to the top of my hill to get reception and within 30 minutes the days telecommunications is over and done with. Then it is back to the darkroom for a bit more fun.

This week I had my first guests travel the hour and forty minutes from Sydney to use the darkroom. First up was Simon Kennedy working on his solarization creations, flashing the film and the prints. I first taught Simon about 18 months ago and I am very much looking forward to seeing his hand made prints upon a wall. Next up was Stephen Dupont. I’d just finished processing 150+ rolls from his ongoing project and Steve came up to save some $$$ by making his own contact sheets. Both fellas said the accommodation in the studio was comfy and the BBQ not too bad…


In some other news… Please note that REWIND PHOTO LAB now stocks a range of Foma materials for all you Sydney-siders…

I shall be away from the 9th – 14th November working at Gold Street Studios (again!). I will not be able to process any online orders at this time… I am at Gold St. be the lab rat for The Large Format Gathering, where I’ll be processing for about 6 hours straight for up to 25+ photographer all shooting between 5/4″ – 16/20″ sheet films. This is an yearly event in it’s 11th year. Goodness knows how many sheets I’ve processed since then… More info HERE

Fragile Bounty

Exhibition news… Short, yet sweet: “Fragile Bounty”. Collodion tintype photographs by Phillip England at Nolan Gallery, HOBART.

From Nov 10-Dec 6.

“Dear All,

You are very welcome to join me at the opening of my upcoming exhibition, Fragile Bounty, at 6pm, Friday November 10 at Nolan Gallery, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart.
Fragile Bounty is inspired by the uniqueness, fragility and beauty of the Earth’s precious bounty. The works are made using one of the earliest photographic processes, collodion tintype: handmade, one-of-a-kind, image objects.  Showing until December 6.”


Darkroom gear for sale from Paul P.

“I have an LPL 7700 6×7 enlarger and some darkroom accessories for which I have no further need and would like to find a good home for.

Would you be interested in them or know of someone who might be?”

More stuff for sale:

From Barry P. “Darkroom equipment attached, as discussed.”

Anyone interested in the darkroom gear, please contact me directly and I will pass on the enquiry.

And that’s about it until my return from Gold Street Studios.

CGI Sunset over Laguna

“The Printer’s Print: a decent exposure”


© Andrea Francolini. Hand crafted 16x20" silver gealtin print on FOMA 111 stock. The border was made with stickers from Pakistan which are used to decorate parts of their trucks
© Andrea Francolini. Hand crafted 16×20″ silver gealtin print on FOMA 111 stock. The border was made with stickers from Pakistan which are used to decorate parts of their trucks

The Printer’s Print: A Decent Exposure

We are now calling for submissions for our upcoming exhibition, ‘The Printers Print: A Decent Exposure’, opening on the 11th of June, 2015.

To us, there is nothing better than looking at other people’s prints.

Working in the darkroom can be a lonely or solitary experience, with the finished product often being stored away without being seen by the wider world.

People are frequently surprised by what we do, and think that traditional methods of printing no longer exist or aren’t relevant but we know that there are many of you out there printing away in your bathrooms or laundries so we want to see what you have made.

We want to give printer-photographer’s an opportunity to display the prints they’re most proud of for us all to enjoy and be inspired by, to learn from each other and to celebrate the creative beauty of the hand crafted print.

Amateurs and professionals alike are welcome to submit.


Tim Rudman's “Twenty pieces of Silver” exhibition

Tim Rudman Exhibition new copy

Invitation to opening night

Tim Rudman’s “Twenty Pieces of Silver”

Blanco Negro is proud to announce our latest exhibition by master print maker Tim Rudman, U.K. On display will be a variety of prints from past exhibitions and a folio will also be available for viewing.

The exhibition will display images from Faux Lith’ winter “ , “Iceland” and“Trees” series to name a few from Tim’s website.

Opening night is the 22nd April (next week) at 6pm until 8pm and is running until the 5th June. Unfortunately Tim will be unable to join us, so we will have to celebrate in his absence.

“The beauty of Tim’s work is not only reflected in his technical expertise behind the lens, but also through his darkroom printing techniques, which is second to none. His knowledge is shared through his books and workshops and his passion for the fine print is inspiring to everyone who views his works. Very few photographer/printers have given so generously”

This exhibition could not have happened without the support of Ellie & Alan Young from Gold Street Studios. You’re awesome!

R.S.V.P. is essential as space is limited