November news… from the off grid darkroom. Working at Gold Street Studios 9th -14th Nov, again!

Well it has been just over 6 weeks now since I have started working form the bush and I must say you can get sooo much more work finished in a much shorter time. Being off line also helps a hell of a lot. I travel 7 minutes to the top of my hill to […]

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Latest exhibition: Mike Ware’s Iron & Icons

Please join us for the opening night, Wednesday 28th June 2017 ABOUT THE PROCESSES: Since the first days of photography there have been alternatives to silver for print-making. In 1842 Sir John Herschel discovered that light-sensitive salts of iron could be used to make prints in the pigment Prussian blue (cyanotype), or the precious metals: […]

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Wendy Currie – Photographer / Printmaker

About the works: femininity-and-memory-why-chrysotype-1 Catalogue of titles, prices and images. femininity-memory I recently asked Wendy a few questions about her upcoming exhibition at Blanco Negro (18th October 2018, 6pm – 8pm). Please read below to view the answers.   Q1 How long did this exhibition take to finish. About one year. Q2 What were the steps involved? […]

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Joyce Evans

Southern Exposure Exhibition

Twenty prints by twenty Australian photographers from the Blanco Negro Archive. Photography has been my passion and obsession for over 27 years now. But the appreciation of the fine print or exceptional images has taken years of experience to be appreciated. My first ever purchase of a hand made photographic print was back in 1998, […]

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Blanco Negro Recommends: Exhibitions

We work with some amazing artists and professionals at Blanco Negro and we want to make sure you get to see their work! There are also some great photographic exhibitions coming up this year that every kind of photographer needs to visit. Check them out below: Constant Negative by Kenzee Patterson | Darren Knight Gallery NSW| 18 […]

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