Blanco Negro Recommends: Exhibitions

We work with some amazing artists and professionals at Blanco Negro and we want to make sure you get to see their work! There are also some great photographic exhibitions coming up this year that every kind of photographer needs to visit. Check them out below:

Constant Negative by Kenzee Patterson | Darren Knight Gallery NSW| 18 June – 16 July

Kenzee Patterson

Kenzee Patterson works with a variety of media and technologies to make his sculptures and prints. Sometimes using found objects to creating something completely new, such as the cast silver sculpture (pictured above) made from reclaimed photographic fix. A Constant Negative is a mix of installation, photographic print and video, creating a space that is intriguing and abstract, questioning our perception of colour and space.

The Colour Carbon by Ellie Young | Gold Street Studios VIC| 18 May – 10 July

Ellie Young

These intimate portraits of creatures of the natural world invite the viewer to see what is often unobserved. Delicate, fragile, caught in a fleeting moment of Ellie’s shutter, they achieve immortality in the permanence of the colour carbon photograph. Ellie chose this process for the surface relief making the wing structures appear sculptural.

Arcana by Anne LynamBarometer Gallery NSW| 27 July – 7 August

Anne Lynam

Originally from Dublin and now based in Sydney, Anne Lynam’s gritty, B&W photographs appear to come from a different time, like a film noir movie still – completely set up and strangley perfect. Lynam takes this idea further – her work in Arcana is dreamlike, a dusty memory that plays with what is real and what is shadow.

The Ebb and Flow of Encaustic by Various | Gold Street Studios VIC | 7 Sept – 30 Oct

Curated by Dianne Longley, each artist explores the zen nature of encaustic. The photographs have warm and softened beeswax (with damar resin) worked across the surface to create a beautiful translucence. The encaustic surface creates a compelling and mysterious aura through which the individual works resonate. Featuring Ollie Cool, Michelle Culprit, Jenny Hoffman, Aileen Hubbard, Dianne Longley, Christine Owen, Annette Potter Anne Richardson and Annette Soumilas.

Ollie Cool
Ollie Cool

American Portraits by Dianne Arbus ACT| National Art Gallery of Australia | 3 June – 30 October

Arbus is known for her iconic postwar America portraits and the NGA will be showing 36 rare vintage prints bought in 1980 and 1981 from her estate. The prints are shown alongside photographs by other artists who also sought to redefine the tradition of portraiture, and whose vision of America is also both challenging and moving.

Tough & Tender by Various | National Portrait Gallery ACT | 15 July – 16 October

If you make it to ACT you should definitely catch Tough & Tender while your at it. Featuring the Photographs of Warwick Baker, Larry Clark, Rozalind Drummond, Nan Goldin, Robert Mapplethorpe and Collier Schorr, the exhibition presents the complex representations of gender, masculinity and identity.

White Sheet by Stephen Dupont | Stills Gallery NSW | 9 November – 10 December

Stephen Dupont White Sheet
Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont’s Generation AK: The Afghanistan Wars 1993 – 2012 is available in store including a special collectors edition and original version signed by the artist. Check it out here.

The award-winning photographer and documentary filmmaker is currently working on his next exhibition titled White Sheet. Definitely one to keep in your diary. More info to come.

Dupont won both the Australian Photobook of the Year Award and the POYI Best Photography Book Award  for the powerful body of work.

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