New Bromoil paper from Foma now available. Fomabrom Variant 113 BO

Blanco Negro is happy to announce the new Bromoil paper from Foma Bohemia is now available to purchase online. I sent off a few sample packs to experienced bromoil printers who said their initial testing shows great promise.

Being a novice bromoiler myself, I have yet to take the plunge and have a crack. I did make a series of grade tests as well as a Fomatol PW developer test. It seems the BO 113 has little Chloride salts, so the effect with the PW was minimal. This also explains the neutral colour of the paper. My next step is toner tests, mainly Selenium, Gold and Thiocarbamide, followed by a bromoil run. Fingers crossed I get some sort of result!


The paper is available in either 10/8″ X 25 sheet pack or 11/14″ X 10 sheet pack

The paper can be bought here : http://localhost/

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November news… from the off grid darkroom. Working at Gold Street Studios 9th -14th Nov, again!

Well it has been just over 6 weeks now since I have started working form the bush and I must say you can get sooo much more work finished in a much shorter time. Being off line also helps a hell of a lot. I travel 7 minutes to the top of my hill to get reception and within 30 minutes the days telecommunications is over and done with. Then it is back to the darkroom for a bit more fun.

This week I had my first guests travel the hour and forty minutes from Sydney to use the darkroom. First up was Simon Kennedy working on his solarization creations, flashing the film and the prints. I first taught Simon about 18 months ago and I am very much looking forward to seeing his hand made prints upon a wall. Next up was Stephen Dupont. I’d just finished processing 150+ rolls from his ongoing project and Steve came up to save some $$$ by making his own contact sheets. Both fellas said the accommodation in the studio was comfy and the BBQ not too bad…


In some other news… Please note that REWIND PHOTO LAB now stocks a range of Foma materials for all you Sydney-siders…

I shall be away from the 9th – 14th November working at Gold Street Studios (again!). I will not be able to process any online orders at this time… I am at Gold St. be the lab rat for The Large Format Gathering, where I’ll be processing for about 6 hours straight for up to 25+ photographer all shooting between 5/4″ – 16/20″ sheet films. This is an yearly event in it’s 11th year. Goodness knows how many sheets I’ve processed since then… More info HERE

Fragile Bounty

Exhibition news… Short, yet sweet: “Fragile Bounty”. Collodion tintype photographs by Phillip England at Nolan Gallery, HOBART.

From Nov 10-Dec 6.

“Dear All,

You are very welcome to join me at the opening of my upcoming exhibition, Fragile Bounty, at 6pm, Friday November 10 at Nolan Gallery, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart.
Fragile Bounty is inspired by the uniqueness, fragility and beauty of the Earth’s precious bounty. The works are made using one of the earliest photographic processes, collodion tintype: handmade, one-of-a-kind, image objects.  Showing until December 6.”


Darkroom gear for sale from Paul P.

“I have an LPL 7700 6×7 enlarger and some darkroom accessories for which I have no further need and would like to find a good home for.

Would you be interested in them or know of someone who might be?”

More stuff for sale:

From Barry P. “Darkroom equipment attached, as discussed.”

Anyone interested in the darkroom gear, please contact me directly and I will pass on the enquiry.

And that’s about it until my return from Gold Street Studios.

CGI Sunset over Laguna
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What’s the difference between the Fomapan films?

There are quite a few Fomapan films out there and sometimes it’s tough to choose the right one. To make it a little easier for all the new photographers, we’ve put together a little guide. Here are the ins and outs of the different films, we hope it helps you on your next project!

Fomapan 100

This film is a great all-rounder. Suitable for pretty much any outdoor shooting environment. Stylistically, Fomapan 100 offers a fine grain, producing sharp and ultra clear images. It features a wide exposure latitude which makes this black and white film quite forgiving and excellent for newcomers. Fomapan 100 is heavy on the contrast with beautiful tonality, fantastic for landscape work.

fomapan films fomapan 100
Fomapan 100 | Image Source: Flickr


Fomapan 200

The trusty workhorse. Fomapan 200 is a dependable film that is close enough to sharp whilst being close enough to fast. It holds deep blacks and contrasty whites incredibly well, whilst giving images a visible “filmic” grain that isn’t intrusive. Fomapan 200 also responds to double exposure beautifully.

fomapan films fomapan 200
Fomapan 200 | Image Source: Flickr
fomapan films fomapan 200 double exposure
Fomapan 100 | Double Exposure | Image Source: Blanco Negro


Fomapan 400

Fomapan 400 responds well to being pushed and pulled. Pull it back to 320 to keep some clarity and shoot a bit faster. Or push it to 640-800 to get an ultra grainy exaggerated film look. This film can sometimes cause debate on how well it scans, but it basically just comes down to personal preference. Either you love grain or you loathe grain, and that will determine whether this film is right for you. With a little bit of experimentation with different developers, this film can look amazing. Dare to experiment with Fomapan 400 and you’ll get some incredible results.

fomapan films fomapan 400
Fomapan 400 | Image Source: Flickr


Retropan 320

An ode to the old world, Retropan 320 is truly in a class of its own. This film is so “special” that it even has its own dedicated developer to maximise its full potential. What makes Retropan so different is that it doesn’t have an anti-halination layer. This means that the light exposing the film spreads, giving a beautiful, delicate halo effect if used correctly. Images will have a slightly brown tint that creates a lovely, whimsical glow. This film is not for the faint hearted and well worth sticking with over time. Don’t be too discouraged if your first rolls don’t turn out as planned, as experience will really make this film shine.

fomapan films retropan 320
Retropan 320 | Image Source: Flickr
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From the Archive

Alfred Cheney JohnstonFrom the Archives:
I thought I would start to share some of my favourite images of beautiful hand made prints. This is latest addition get cialis prescription online to the Blanco Negro archive, a vintage gelatin silver print from the 1920′s by American photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston (1885-1971). Although my scanning skills leave a lot to be desired (I have none!) I’m sure you’ll get the feeling. I hope you all like it too…… And if you would like to see the real thing, just let me know… Other news, I’m currently updating the Blanco Negro website to incorporate all the FOMA products I’ll be stocking. There are a few and it will take a while, but hopefully it will be complete in the next few days. Just in time for the delivery. A special Thank You to Joyce Evans, print collector extraordinaire!

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Another assistant….

With many thanks to Nick la Rosa for all his advice, time and patience, Blanco Negro is beginning the move into digital social media.Meg's 3 posts a week I’ve been commanded to perform, and this is the first. So here is a little news from the darkside.

I have a new assistant, lasted 3 months so far and counting and yes she is just a little crazy. It helps! Meghan Rose-Wirthinstein (not her real name) has also suggested an Instagram page, so we’ll see how that goes.

We are expecting a new shipment from Foma next week finger crossed, with lots of goodies. I know a few people hanging out for the Liquid Emulsion which has almost sold out with pre-sales. I’m also bringing in some of the 200 asa film stock (my personal fav) in 35mm & 120 formats and if sales go well I’ll import some large format stock too (5′x4″, 5X7″ & 10×8″).

The next post is due on Friday and I hope to bring new of the actual delivery date. I’ll keep you posted.

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It ain't pretty

A wee pic by bradley scott testing a 5/4″ rangefinder by Razzle. So a bit of news: Congrats to Barat Ali Batoor on his fantastic Walkley win and you can hear his artist talk at 10/8 gallery, Surry Hills, tomorrow too. Also learnt Tim Page was bitten by a AFP Bureau guard dog in Hanoi covering General Gaip’s funeral. His good self & I will be at the Sydney Polo club for a Soldier On charity event and will have a collection of his “Diggers in the Nam” prints for a viewing. The exhibition at Blanco will be next month. Chris Reid by Bradley Scott

Chris Reid #2 by Bradley Scott

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A printer's best friend…

Alastair Moore collects his new little enlarger for large format contact printing. The bare light globe was just too fast, and even using the Fomalux chloride contact paper, it's always going to be limiting…. So, having half a dozen spare enlargers I suggested making life in the dark a bit easier. Follow Alastairs blog here: & a huge thanks for listing Blanco Negro on your front page mate. It all helps.A. Moore

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A. Garwood with CyanotypeAnd also last week….. I made a few Cyanotypes for Ash. Her current exhibition, Whisper and Hunters by Ashleigh Garwood is now showing at “Firstdraft” gallery, Sydney. Many thanks also for the kind comments and it’s great to see so many folks interested in the traditional arts of photography. This week I have a Liquid Emulsion workshop on for a HSC student and her family, then an exhibition for Chris Peken and on Friday off to Laguna to lay some brickwork, yea ha. Did I mention digging 10 meters of foundations was not so much fun as say printing a 100 lith prints…..

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Cuttin' Loose

Cuttin' loose. The reportage festival, though mostly now ended, was an awesome event. A time to see old friends and an opportunity make new ones. A personal highlight was meeting the master, James Natchwey at Ambush gallery for the closing of Reportage. Photographer Yuri Kozyrev had an amazing body of work, with the good folks at Ambush hosting a lovely night. I'm very much looking forward to next years festival…..James Natchwey
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