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Alfred Cheney JohnstonFrom the Archives:
I thought I would start to share some of my favourite images of beautiful hand made prints. This is latest addition get cialis prescription online to the Blanco Negro archive, a vintage gelatin silver print from the 1920′s by American photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston (1885-1971). Although my scanning skills leave a lot to be desired (I have none!) I’m sure you’ll get the feeling. I hope you all like it too…… And if you would like to see the real thing, just let me know… Other news, I’m currently updating the Blanco Negro website to incorporate all the FOMA products I’ll be stocking. There are a few and it will take a while, but hopefully it will be complete in the next few days. Just in time for the delivery. A special Thank You to Joyce Evans, print collector extraordinaire!

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Foma products

FOMASo good news for you film folk waiting on the latest delivery, eta in Sydney is next Wednesday, then through customs and hopefully through the door on Friday. Good news.

Now some other, not so good news. It has come to our attention that a few other foto stores are flogging the Foma brand. A customer informed me that the 35mm & 120 was being sold for $14.95 at one store (it’s 6 bucks from Blanco Negro by the way) and after a little netting around I noticed some other stuff being sold for only twice our price, here in Australia. So my advice, buy from the SOLE Australian distributor, Blanco Negro, cause we have the best prices around.

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Stephen Dupont's “White Sheet Series”

Hand printed at Blanco Negro on Foma warmtone matte with special developer. 94 sheets of paper, 28 liters of developer and 10 days in the darkroom. Printed a few years ago now, funny how one remembers. Nice job Steveo with the woodcuts…..
From April 2, 2014 Stephen Dupont’s new work The White Sheet Series No. 1 goes on show at Melbourne’s Edmund Pearce Gallery.White sheet
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“The Lost Boys Of Sudan” by Chris Peken

The Lost BoysThe Lost Boys of Sudan, an exhibition by Chris Peken, is a show I’m starting on Tuesday. It was a bit of a surprise as I deleted my system folder to make room for a scratch disk (I’m sticking to darkroom stuff) and lost a fair bit of info, bookings etc. Another surprise was they are to be 30″ murals on Fibre Base paper….. The images are awesome and their stories remarkable. This is a crowd funded exhibition, with proceeds from the sales at the show going directly to the Lost Boys. For more on the exhibition and help fund the project please click

All the images has been shot on 6×6 B&W film. Chris self funded this project and Blanco Negro is proud to be a sponsor. Oh, and I have an exhibition opening tonight, or did I mention this already!!
PS good luck to Bradley Scott, Avery, Tristan, Chris and Steven for their show opening this evening at 10×8 gallery, Sydney. It’s called “My Element”

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“My Element” group exhibition

Hand printed at Blanco Negro using the Devere DS digital enlarger : over 20 odd printed over 2 days and Devere digital enlarger didn’t skip a beat. Good luck to all the guys on opening night! Proudly sponsored by Blanco Negro

My Element

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“Two Boroughs” by Mark Staplefeldt

Another exhibition….. This is a collection of images by Mark Staplefeldt, printed in colour and hand made Black & White. On show between the 19th – 25th of April at Blank_Space Gallery in Surry Hills. All the best Mark!

M. Staplefeldt

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Upcoming Exhibition @ Blanco Negro

Opening soon at Blanco Negro will be “The Gathering” of 2012. A collection of hand made photographs by various large format The Gathering 2012photogrpahers from across Australia. Please RSVP to chris@localhost if you think you can make it, or any other social way…..

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Hand made folio by Jack Picone

Been in the dark eight days straight… should have a bed in there!
I just thought I'd share a pic of Jack Picone's latest panorama folio. The edition consist of ten hand made 24/10″ prints which I was lucky enough to print for Jack mid last year. I have my copy of the folio handy if anyone is interested in seeing the whole set. They are also for sale of course through Jack's website. He was a pleasure to have in the darkroom, which is another little perk of a lab rat!

J. Picone

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Ralph Gibson print

Ralph GibsonTodays hand made print is by legendary photographer Ralph Gibson.

The image was taken at the Chelsea Hotel in N.Y.C. from memory, and the modle was his friend’s girlfriend. The shot is from 1962 and the print is vintage. Ralph was brought out to Australia by Tobi & Rob, and together with Point Light Gallery Sydney, arranged an exhibition of his work and also hosted several nude photographic workshops. Being the lab rat I am, I was in charge of processing & proofing most of the students films. So at the end of the day I’d process approx.. 30 rolls of film and make SUPER proofs (enlarged contact sheets onto 20×24 inch paper) to have ready first thing in the morning for review. Most days I’d start at 5 pm and finish between 1.00 am – 2.00 am. It was kind of weird crackin’ a beer at 2.30 am I must say.

My clearest memory during the 2 weeks of workshops was how excellent ALL the students film looked. I mean they ALL looked awesome and this gave me a huge respect for not only Ralph and his photography, but also his ability to teach. It was with great thanks to Point Light that I now own this print and their patience in letting me pay if off over 12 months! I hope you enjoy it too….. If your keen to see more of his work, Point Light has a few prints hanging on their wall RIGHT now!

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“The Australian” by Uel Lim

Uel LimGet along to Uel Lim’s exhibition, ‘The Australian’. It’s starting this Thursday the 3rd of April and running until the 14th at Wedge Gallery at Books Kinokuniya in the Galeries Victoria. A collection of hand printed gelatin silver prints by Blanco Negro.

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It ain't pretty

A wee pic by bradley scott testing a 5/4″ rangefinder by Razzle. So a bit of news: Congrats to Barat Ali Batoor on his fantastic Walkley win and you can hear his artist talk at 10/8 gallery, Surry Hills, tomorrow too. Also learnt Tim Page was bitten by a AFP Bureau guard dog in Hanoi covering General Gaip’s funeral. His good self & I will be at the Sydney Polo club for a Soldier On charity event and will have a collection of his “Diggers in the Nam” prints for a viewing. The exhibition at Blanco will be next month. Chris Reid by Bradley Scott

Chris Reid #2 by Bradley Scott

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A printer's best friend…

Alastair Moore collects his new little enlarger for large format contact printing. The bare light globe was just too fast, and even using the Fomalux chloride contact paper, it's always going to be limiting…. So, having half a dozen spare enlargers I suggested making life in the dark a bit easier. Follow Alastairs blog here: & a huge thanks for listing Blanco Negro on your front page mate. It all helps.A. Moore

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