Stephen Dupont's “White Sheet Series”

Hand printed at Blanco Negro on Foma warmtone matte with special developer. 94 sheets of paper, 28 liters of developer and 10 days in the darkroom. Printed a few years ago now, funny how one remembers. Nice job Steveo with the woodcuts….. From April 2, 2014 Stephen Dupont’s new work The White Sheet Series No. 1 […]

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“White Sheet Series” by Stephen Dupont

Mr Stephen Dupont with his hand stamped prints from the “White Series”. I printed these a year or two back using the Foma choloro-bromide stock (matte finish) with a specialised warmtone developer. Steve always had the intention of using hand made stamps to “finish” the prints, giving each image a very unique result. They are to hang […]

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