Another assistant….

With many thanks to Nick la Rosa for all his advice, time and patience, Blanco Negro is beginning the move into digital social media.Meg's 3 posts a week I’ve been commanded to perform, and this is the first. So here is a little news from the darkside.

I have a new assistant, lasted 3 months so far and counting and yes she is just a little crazy. It helps! Meghan Rose-Wirthinstein (not her real name) has also suggested an Instagram page, so we’ll see how that goes.

We are expecting a new shipment from Foma next week finger crossed, with lots of goodies. I know a few people hanging out for the Liquid Emulsion which has almost sold out with pre-sales. I’m also bringing in some of the 200 asa film stock (my personal fav) in 35mm & 120 formats and if sales go well I’ll import some large format stock too (5′x4″, 5X7″ & 10×8″).

The next post is due on Friday and I hope to bring new of the actual delivery date. I’ll keep you posted.

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