Blanco Negro presents Drape by Leanne McPhee

Drape considers the forms that emerge from the folds, twists and creases in drapery. Rhythmic lines, geometric shapes and shadows hint at a presence within. Sensuality, drama, and quiet disposition are characteristics that emanate from different configurations.

Drapery can insist on revealing its own ‘character’ and oppose efforts to change or alter its form for another purpose. Challenging this is the use of drapery throughout art history as a device to signify decoration or movement in a scene. This series of work deliberately introduce objects to the world of the recalcitrant drape to challenge the notion of drape as supplicant. In this context, does the personality inherent in the folds and weaves of the drape diminish, or is it strengthened?

The hand made photographs in this series have been captured on 8×10 and 4×5 inch Ilford FP4 B&W film and contact printed onto Bergger COT-320 100% cotton paper using the New Chrysotype and Salt printing processes.

The Salt Print and New Chrysotype are printing-out processes where the image appears as it is exposed to ultraviolet light. Images are produced via a contact print, where the film negative is placed in direct contact with coated paper before exposure. The image produced is therefore the size of the negative.

The long tonal range and delicate monochromatic colours afforded by the combination of film and these photographic printing processes serve to ‘animate’ the forms and characteristics within the drapery.

Leanne will be opening the exhibition with a floor talk on her photographic processes. As a previous student of the legendary Dr Mike Ward, the talk will be very interesting indeed!

Space strictly limited. RSVP at info@localhost.


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