Film, Film, Film….

137 rolls of film, developed & proofed (by hand). 1 lab rat + 1 assistant Bradley Scott. 12 hour day in the dark. Thanks Steve Dupont! I’ll be closing for Christmas next week, the 20th being my last day. Back again on the 6th of January. Cheers!!Film, ya gotta love it

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“More to Come” by Andrea Francolini

An exhibition that will leave you wanting more


“More to come” is an exhibition of colour and hand-printed silver gelatin prints by photographer, Andrea Francolini, that focuses on both personal and professional interests, with one common theme – travel and motion.


In this day and age where we can travel easily at the click of a mouse to book a ticket and the choice of destination is so varied, it’s not the decision to travel that is hard – it’s the decision of where to go and what to see, says Francolini.


“Climate, interest, culture, distance, budget…it’s a dizzying decision. And for a photographer, there are so many additional visual aspects to travel that it’s often a personal photographic project that makes the decision easy,” Andrea Francolini says.


“This exhibition is a selection of my favourite images from various personal portfolios which I’ve been shooting when I’m not working.”


On display is a collection of traditional sports shot around the world such as cockfighting in Pakistan, camel racing in Oman, sumo wrestling in Japan and falconry in the UAE. There’s also the portfolio of sailing – Francolini’s main source of work. It’s a small selection of nautical images. Sailboats, powerboats, super yachts, dinghies…as long as it floats, there’s a good chance Framcolini has photographed it over the past 15 years.

“My body of traditional sports images started simply with an idea to photograph sports which were over a century old. To make the first decision of where to go, I just looked at the world map and tried to narrow down the countries I’ve always wanted to visit, and so I’ve started with Falconry in the UAE, Surf Lifesaving in Australia, Bullfighting in Spain, Camel Racing in Oman and Polo in the mountains of northern Pakistan,” Francolini said.

Little did he know, however, that the first trip to Pakistan would give rise to a charity project that finally kicked off in 2011.
“My First School” is the unexpected result of Francolini’s various trips to Pakistan since 2008 when he first went to shoot a polo tournament high up in the mountains at 4000 metres above sea level.
His second trip to the country was in 2009 when he visited a tiny school in Gilgit-Baltistan (650km north of Islamabad) to meet and photograph a female teacher and found the learning conditions of the children heartbreaking.


No electricity, no desks or furniture, no doors….it was cold and dirty but still it represented hope for these children. And so the idea to try and help that first school was born in Francolini’s mind.
In 2011, he went back, having established the idea for ‘My First School’ which aims to raise funds to improve educational facilities and support education in the remote northern areas of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Since that time, basic school furniture has been made by local carpenters and delivered to nine schools in two years. More is planned for other schools which need support to provide a basic level of education in these remote areas. Francolini plans an annual trip with funds raised throughout the year.


Images from ‘My First School’ are also on display at the exhibition.



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A. Garwood with CyanotypeAnd also last week….. I made a few Cyanotypes for Ash. Her current exhibition, Whisper and Hunters by Ashleigh Garwood is now showing at “Firstdraft” gallery, Sydney. Many thanks also for the kind comments and it’s great to see so many folks interested in the traditional arts of photography. This week I have a Liquid Emulsion workshop on for a HSC student and her family, then an exhibition for Chris Peken and on Friday off to Laguna to lay some brickwork, yea ha. Did I mention digging 10 meters of foundations was not so much fun as say printing a 100 lith prints…..

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“Diggers in the Nam” by Tim Page

A collection of 20 gelatin silver prints from 1965 – 1969.  Prints are from the personal collection of Chris Reid, originally produced in 2012. 

A Limited Edition of 5 box sets


To mark the 50th Anniversary of Australian troops involvement in the Vietnam War


Legendary photographer Tim Page in collaboration with master B&W printer Chris Reid, has produced a limited edition set of 20


Gelatin Silver prints (per box set) to mark the 50th Anniversary of Australian troops arrival and involvement in the Vietnam War.


It’s a war that Tim Page covered from early ’65 – before the American marines had even landed at Da Nang – until April ’69


when a 105mm anti tank mine exploded under the Sgt. in front of him.  He survived, as has his extraordinary body of work taken


during that conflict.Diggers in the Nam


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“White Sheet Series” by Stephen Dupont

White sheet seriesMr Stephen Dupont with his hand stamped prints from the “White Series”. I printed these a year or two back using the Foma choloro-bromide stock (matte finish) with a specialised warmtone developer. Steve always had the intention of using hand made stamps to “finish” the prints, giving each image a very unique result. They are to hang next year in Mebourne. Can’t wait to see them framed and in a gallery.

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Cuttin' Loose

Cuttin' loose. The reportage festival, though mostly now ended, was an awesome event. A time to see old friends and an opportunity make new ones. A personal highlight was meeting the master, James Natchwey at Ambush gallery for the closing of Reportage. Photographer Yuri Kozyrev had an amazing body of work, with the good folks at Ambush hosting a lovely night. I'm very much looking forward to next years festival…..James Natchwey
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Andrea in the dark….

Andrea in the darkAnother day in the dark. A quick shot of Andrea viewing his print for his upcoming exhibition next Wednesday. This shot is gonna sell for sure.
And the film continues to flow. So far this week (ie 2 days) 23 rolls of 35mm, 22 sheets of 5/4” and 3 out of 12 sheets of 10/8 in PMK Pyro. Surely 10/8″ film is a joy to view…… Oh and I almost forgot to mention the 110 format film that has be re-born, thanks LOMO!!

Keep shootin’ and stay POSITIVE, i.e. print your FILMS


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Hanging with Raul & Leysis

Raul Canibano & Leysis QuesadaWhat have I been up too…? Where to start! REPORTAGE – how good has this show been. Amazing works from around the globe, right here in Sydney. Well done Steveo & Anna.

First off I had the pleasure of working on a special folio for Mr. Jack Picone. We spent several days in the dark. A real gentleman and a fine snapper.

Next was CUBAN photographer Raul Canibano with Leysis Quesada translating. In the dark we all speak the same lingo I discovered.

Also under the red light was Manuela from the Rennie Ellis Archive checking out the digital enlarger. Considering I only made a quick test, she was most impressed.

And lastly Mr. Page and Mau have some brilliant news regarding a very special folio, but all I can say is that the images have never been seen as a collection. More on this to come.

Have a great long weekend and get out & about to see some fine works hanging around Sydney’s galleries

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“Over The Line” by Mike Magee

I’m happy to announce the latest exhibition at Blanco. Mike Magee has been shooting the Newtown Jets for years now. It’s time to hang some works on the walls. So come on down and catch some real B&W silver gelsMike Magee exhibition

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Raskols book

Wow, two posts in three weeks. Carisse would be proud….

I received my copy of Stephen Dupont’s RASKOLS book which I think we made the first folio way back in 2004 or so. All 20/24″ on the Foma Warmtone. He then scratched the txt into fogged black paper and added some colour with red Indian ink. I suggested he use his own blood, but he wimped out…..

So one month back in the dark and I was a tad worried about business. So far though I have processed well over 250 rolls / sheets of film and made over a 110 prints (includes work + proofs). I was thinking of taking MORE holidays 

Next out the block is Andrea Francolini’s exhibition prints with a mural or two in between, exhibition prints for “The Gathering” at GOLD ST STUDIOS, a final folio of Tobi Wilkinson’s “Gyuto’s Monks” work and a start on Dupont’s “stray dogs in Bucharest” from 2001. He’s only been waiting since November last year!

Last but not least, the new FOMA order arrives in a few days for those of you waiting on supplies and I’ll be offering a discount on the NEXT delivery due in April for all advance orders.

Have a great safe weekend, ChrisRaskols book cover

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Raph Gibson @ Point Light Gallery

With Ralph GibsonOpening night of the Ralph Gibson show at Point Light Gallery, Sydney. What an AWESOME exhibition and evening. This show is a must see. I also had a call of duty upon the return of by brief holiday. My job was to process + super/proof (20×24″ enlargements of a whole sheet of negative) x 30 rolls for the next morning for Ralph's workshop students. Lets just say a beer at 2.20am after the evenings work felt like bliss, then it started all over again on the Saturday. And then all over again the following Fri/Sat nights. Personally I have never seen so many excellent photographs and it was a great compliment to hear Ralph mention he has never has such fine service in 50 years! So it was well worth the extra effort.
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