“Over the Line” by Mike Magee


Over the Line“We’ve had some tough times over the years but when something like this happens, to win a Grand Final, it puts everything into perspective and makes it all worthwhile. To all our supporters, when the going gets tough and we need some inspiration you get us over the line!” Greg Matterson, Newtown Jets Head Coach.


Rugby League has been a part of Sydney’s tribal make-up, ritual and community since it was established in 1908. The Newtown club has been there since the beginning, a special part in its history and folklore. Local photographer Mike Magee has been following the Jets for four seasons and this photographic series captures some of the tension and jubilation from the 2012 season. From Henson Park to Leichardt Oval and ANZ Stadium a glorious new chapter was written on the field, in the sheds, from the stands and on the hill. In these times of increasing commercialisation and controversy it is a document of “grass root” sport and culture as it struggles to survive.


Mike Magee lived and photographed in Central America before returning to Australia in 2009. He studied for several years at the Australian Centre for Photography while settling in Marrickville where his work has been exhibited and received awards. This is his first participation in the Head On Photo Festival and he is delighted to be accepted as an associated show this year.


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