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ONES & ZEROSR. Saintly

Well it’s been flat out at the studio lately. Apart from the delivery of the latest Foma order, I’ve been pushing pixels for near on 5 days straight. And I’ve just about had it too.

Although the Digital enlarger is straight forward enough to use, there is a lack of “self” in the printing process. Personally, I prefer the silver negative, ya know, you have a wee look through the lightbox, use the light meter within the head and before you know it, a print is on it way to the final wash. But with pixels, well they seem to have a life of their own. They don’t play nice and I want to send the files off to the corner……

But mind you, there is a place for the ol’ thing yet. Most of the images were captured due to the film camera not working or other out of control reasons. So without the digital camera a lot of fine prints would not have existed.

In other news, Ellie Young from has announced the confirmation of a print workshop that I’ve been hanging to learn, the process of “Mordançage“.

I first seen this process while giving a floor talk at last years Ballarat International Foto Biennale. The instructor is coming all the way from the U.S.A. and will teaching a few other processes also. And a final piece of news, a new exhibition will be coming to blanco negro in the next weeks. I’ll be hanging a collection of hand made prints by “the Gathers”. The Gathering itself is hosted by Gold Street Studios every year, where a bunch of large format photographers gather together for foto fest over two and a half days. Yours truly, is the lab rat of course, and get pleasure ribbing all of them, as is my wont…..

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