Tim Page – “Diggers in the Nam”

Tim Page in the NamA collection of 20 gelatin silver prints from 1965 – 1969.  Prints are from the personal collection of Chris Reid, originally produced in 2012.

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A Limited Edition of 5 box sets

To mark the 50th Anniversary of Australian troops involvement in the Vietnam War

Legendary photographer Tim Page in collaboration with master B&W printer Chris Reid, has produced a limited edition set of 20

Gelatin Silver prints (per box set) to mark the 50th Anniversary of Australian troops arrival and involvement in the Vietnam War.

It’s a war that Tim Page covered from early ’65 – before the American marines had even landed at Da Nang – until April ’69

when a 105mm anti tank mine exploded under the Sgt. in front of him.  He survived, as has his extraordinary body of work taken

during that conflict.

He was there when the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) troops arrived in Vung Tau for deployment in Bien Hoa.

He went out on patrol with them, covered skirmishes, actions and the Battle of Coral.  When then Prime Minister

John Gorton traveled to Vietnam, LIFE magazine sent Tim Page to cover the four day visit.  Tim also spent time out in

the jungle with the legendary AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam) and after his arrival in Australia

was invited to become an Honourary Member of ‘The Team’.Tim Page by Bradley Scott 2013

This collection of images reflect the imprint left behind after spending time with these Australian troops, some

of them not long conscripted into the army.  The memories, 50 years later are not just of the battles but of the

professionalism, discipline, bravery, mate-ship; all the things that made a memorable impression on a young, British 20 year old photographer

that he has never forgotten.

Tim Page moved to Australia in 2002 and is now an Australian citizen.  Since arriving in Australia he has traveled once again with

Australian troops, to The Solomons and East Timor.

His images of Australian troops in all three actions are held by the Australian War Memorial.

Only 4 of the Limited Edition Box Sets – ‘DIGGERS IN THE NAM’ are for sale.

Tim has donated a box set to ‘SOLDIER ON’  a registered charity to help young wounded veterans

from the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.  Money raised from that set will go towards a new machine to assist in the rehabilitation

of veterans who have become amputees.

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