Folios and Lith print…

Digital enlarger Over the last few weeks I have restarted an ongoing portfolio. This current body of work has spanned well over a decade and the images have been used for book publications as well as exhibitions both here in Australia and internationally. The set below was printed using the Devere Digital Enlarger. The machine […]

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Darkroom Download Vol. 1

Welcome to my first post in many a moon… I find it a challenge to write about my doings in my darkroom, especially via social media etc, but here it goes. Firstly, “Thank You” to everyone who touched base regarding the darkroom and myself during the fire season. We were very lucky indeed to escape […]

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Why shoot black and white film?

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to forget the beauty of traditional black and white film photography. But there’s something special about capturing an image on film that can’t be replicated with digital photography. When you shoot film, you have to slow down and be more intentional about your compositions. You have to think about […]

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Foma Ortho Film has arrived in Australia!

Blanco Negro is happy to announce the latest film from FOMA BOHEMIA. Foma Ortho 400 is available in 120 format only at present, but hopefully a wider range of formats will become available. The spec sheet is available to view here: ORTHO FILM Since the film has only just arrived I am yet to test […]

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November news…

Exhibition print job, Liquid Emulsion photographic Book and new Foma products just in. Last month I finished a limited edition of Australian photographer Ricky Maynard. “Saddened Were the Hearts of Many Men” was originally printed in 2015 using Fomabrom 111 paper. After initial processing the prints received a custom Bleach and Thiocarbamide toning process. Upon […]

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Instagram pics, back online….

A few pics from my Instagram posts. blanconegrodarkroom Print finishing. The final step of creating a black and white hand made print #photogram #blanconegro#fineartdarkroom #handmade#doitinthedark  This photogram on the left (15 in total) was printed on the discontinued 123 Fomabrom paper at 20/24″ size. I played around a fair bit with the exposures as one does and I […]

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New Bromoil paper from Foma now available. Fomabrom Variant 113 BO

Blanco Negro is happy to announce the new Bromoil paper from Foma Bohemia is now available to purchase online. I sent off a few sample packs to experienced bromoil printers who said their initial testing shows great promise. Being a novice bromoiler myself, I have yet to take the plunge and have a crack. I […]

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