Raskols book

Wow, two posts in three weeks. Carisse would be proud….

I received my copy of Stephen Dupont’s RASKOLS book which I think we made the first folio way back in 2004 or so. All 20/24″ on the Foma Warmtone. He then scratched the txt into fogged black paper and added some colour with red Indian ink. I suggested he use his own blood, but he wimped out…..

So one month back in the dark and I was a tad worried about business. So far though I have processed well over 250 rolls / sheets of film and made over a 110 prints (includes work + proofs). I was thinking of taking MORE holidays 

Next out the block is Andrea Francolini’s exhibition prints with a mural or two in between, exhibition prints for “The Gathering” at GOLD ST STUDIOS, a final folio of Tobi Wilkinson’s “Gyuto’s Monks” work and a start on Dupont’s “stray dogs in Bucharest” from 2001. He’s only been waiting since November last year!

Last but not least, the new FOMA order arrives in a few days for those of you waiting on supplies and I’ll be offering a discount on the NEXT delivery due in April for all advance orders.

Have a great safe weekend, ChrisRaskols book cover

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