What’s happening at Gold Street Studios (VIC)

Here are some upcoming exhibitions from our friends over at Gold Street Studios in Victoria.

Teabags021Elemental by Geoffrey O’Donnell
April 6th to May 15th 2016

Carbon – the eternal element.

“An exhibition in carbon transfer, presenting the eternal element of carbon against the fleeting nature of our own carbon-based forms.”

The focus on beautiful subjects emerges from the artist’s view that engaging with discord and darkness is an “easier option”, this has saturated the world of photography with an ever increasing intent to disturb.

Find out more here.


The Colour Carbon by Ellie Young
greenbug 18th May to 10th July 2016

The Colour Carbon opening event is on the 22nd May 2pm to 5 pm. Offical opening speech at 2.30 pm by Adjunct Professor Gale Spring.

Carbon photographs were the preferred process of the top echelon of commercial photographers in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Commercial printing houses of this time showed that carbon photographs were up to three times more expensive than even platinum.

The relief accentuates sharpness giving a three-dimensional quality. The archival quality makes it the most stable of all photographic processes. Read more…

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