Spring time Changes for Blanco Negro

Where to begin…

Slowly but surely Blanco Negro has seen a huge shift in the trends of film photography and in particular, the impact on a small custom darkroom. With a 30%+ rent increase and decline of my services, it has taken me 2 years to come to terms that a shopfront in Alexandria is no longer viable. Change has been forced upon me.

So after much consideration and consultation I committed to the closure of the store, but not to Blanco Negro as an entity. Change is good they say. But it is only as good as you can make it.

An Outline of the Changes:

Shop in Alexandria is now CLOSED.

Only online Foma sales will available with postage on Tuesday & Thursday.

From October, REWIND photo lab in Glebe, Sydney, will now be stocking a range of Foma products.

A new community darkroom will be in operation also in October at MAKERSPACE, in Marrickville

Meetings by appointment. I shall be Sydney every week to discuss any darkroom projects photographers may have. Contact me via email or call the mobile 0412025956.

Darkroom printing and film processing is now made from a new location.

The Details:

Drop of demand in darkroom services has given me more time to consider what I really want, which is print my own images. The new darkroom will be kind of remote, in the bush and off grid. Fully set up with 6 enlargers, printing press and UV exposure boxes for historical printing processes. My dream.

In regards to commercial work, I plan to be at MAKERSPACE in Marrickville at least 2 days per week for face to face meetings. There will also be a drop box to leave films or negatives, as well as my Alexandria PO Box for postal deliveries.

I shall be teaching darkroom lessons at Makerspace for one to one workshops as well as group demonstrations.

Lessons will now be available at your personal darkroom at home or if willing to travel out of Sydney, at my rural darkroom in the lower Hunter Valley. A benefit of not having a shopfront.

REWIND photo lab in Glebe are a great bunch of people who will soon be stocking a load of Foma products. We intend this will happen in early October.



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