“Dream of Childhood” by Sonia Macak

We all once were a child.


Sonia shares with us her unique vision of the world – her sincere passion reveals an insight to a child’s spirit. Feel those childhood memories flooding back while viewing this wonderful work.


Dream of Childhood is a series of images inspired by the heart of my inner child. Private reflections on childhood and the nostalgic magic of it . Moments of living, memories of my own childhood and images inspired by children’s books and stories. Child’s hopes and feelings of all kinds … love, worries, abandonment, dreams of wanna be places where nobody can come unless invited by the very own heart which has created and nurtures our soul”.  


Wet plate collodion is Sonia’s preferred medium – a perfect marriage of timeless vision and a timeless process captured in a large format camera using only natural light. Each glass and tin plate is a unique one off photograph with an enduring life.


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