Ricky Maynard with test prints

Ricky MaynardYea for Fridays! What a nice week this has been. I just finally finished Andrea Francolini’s 100 FB print job of traditional sports, a 4 folio edition of 24 images, all on the DeVere Digital D504. What a great unit this is, and ever better after I discovered the tweaking controls…. Also I was lucky to have 2 visits from Ricky & Anita Maynard. There nothing more exciting than beginning a new exhibition. I made about a dozen test prints, a set for the contrast/density, a toner (thiocarbamide) set and finally a bleaching time set. They were happy campers. Last but not least, after a review of FOMA stock I have offered another 30% off sale. Please check the specials page for details. And to Carisse, I balanced all the accounts!

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