November news…

Exhibition print job, Liquid Emulsion photographic Book and new Foma products just in.

Last month I finished a limited edition of Australian photographer Ricky Maynard. “Saddened Were the Hearts of Many Menwas originally printed in 2015 using Fomabrom 111 paper. After initial processing the prints received a custom Bleach and Thiocarbamide toning process. Upon drying, a few prints looked pretty off due to the change of both the Bleaching bath and the Toner bath. As the prints were on 20/24″ paper, it used a lot of chemistry, but as the tones changed so subtly, the eye becomes fooled. So, this time around I “Topped Up” both the Bleach and the toner for each print. A good result with no surprises. This edition was commissioned by in San Diego and facilitated by Emma @ Bett Gallery, Hobart

The below images © Ricky Maynard, printed by Blanco Negro

Last week found me once again working with Stephen Dupont on our latest challenge. Using Blanco Negro’s unique Devere DS Digital Enlarger, whereby digital files may be printed in the darkroom using various analogue printing techniques, this machine was perfect for the project.

The Mission: 14 editions of a custom made photographic book. One hundred and seven images to be printed using the Liquid Emulsion technique onto double side watercolour paper.

Challenges: Projection Control for quick enlarger set up, Cutting and marking up of paper without mix ups. Quickest method for consistent coatings. Additives to emulsion such as Chrome Alum, gelatine subbing, Processing procedures for efficiency of time, etc, etc… So there was a few days spent over a few weeks just fine tuning the various challenges. Although I may have been working with Liquid Emulsion for over 2 decades, I have never been faced with such a demanding project. The volume of work was quite daunting. Luckily Steve was at hand to crack the whip 🙂

It was a Fun time in the darkroom and a great learning experience. And I’m looking forward to our next two weeks in the dark in December.

The below images © Stephen Dupont, printed by Blanco Negro

Another arrival from Foma Bohemia has landed, and this consignment of goods included a few extra items not usually stocked. Included was the Fomapan R100 in 35mm format. I also have, but yet to list the Super 8mm R100 ( DS8 ) film stock. Also available by request is 16mm reversal film. And next month I will be importing the R100 reversal processing chemistry kit. Also included were several boxes of Fomapan 100 and 400 in 9×12 cm format. There are only a few left, so be quick if your in need, though I can order this format in by request if I am out of stock. And last but not least, a number of 250 gms of Foma Liquid Emulsion has also arrived.

The below images © Blanco Negro’s iPhone

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