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A little bit of news from the dark….

First up is the Sunday soirée. Please join me for another look at Tim Rudman’s exhibition and his fabulous folio of hand crafted gelatin silver prints. For anyone who is still thinking of buying a print, Sunday is the Red Dot sale. If you have ever wanted to own a fine print, Blanco Negro has 20 hanging from our walls. Open from 12 – 3.00 pm Sunday 24th May at Blanco Negro darkrooms.

Secondly is an update for the “printer’s Print” exhibition. Due to an unexpected opportunity Blanco Negro will be hanging “The Print Exposed” BEFORE the “Printer’s Print” display. We only had a very limited time frame for this show so the Printer’s Print” will now be hanging on Wednesday 22th July. Apologies for any inconvenience, but it was necessary. Submissions are still very welcome.

And finally, instead of the “Printer’s Print” exhibition next month I shall be hanging “The Print Exposed” from Gold Street Studios. In the words of Ellie Young :

“The Print Exposed is a unique exhibition aimed at encouraging the understanding, and appreciation for alternative/ historic photographic print processes.


Print methods featured in this exhibition signify that photography has been identified as much with the arts as the sciences. It brings alive the age old argument – where does science end and art begin. Regardless of the answer- the technical expertise displayed in these images bring a wonderful mix of beauty and intrigue created from the art, craft and science of photography. “

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