What do you get when you work with Blanco Negro?

(Apart from Chris' sense of humour! ☺)

  1. Personalised service and attention to detail for each individuals' film and prints.
  2. Australia's only dedicated traditional black and white darkroom. Solely focused on the art of printing, not spread between colour, digital and black and white.
  3. 25+ years of experience working with Australia's finest film photographers.
  4. Extensive experience in every aspect of analogue printing.
  5. Exclusive printing services including lith printing, liquid emulsion printing and specialised toning services. Archival mural fibre-based printing is also available. Why waste money the non-archival resin coat paper?
  6. Australia's only digital to silver gelatin printing service. Any file onto any silver gelatin paper, including lith printing, liquid emulsion and any toning.

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