Retropan 320 Soft 5″x7″ – 50 Sheets \ NOW DISCONTINUED, LAST STOCK AVAILABLE: Limit 1 box per customer.


  • A 320 speed film
  • Latest film from Foma Bohemia
  • Softer than normal highlights


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Expired film : Feb 2021

This latest film from Foma Bohemia. Retropan soft 320ASA is a panchromatically sensitised special negative black and white film with fine grain, good resolution and contour sharpness. The film is characterised by a wide range of half tones and soft light which makes it suitable for photography and subsequent contact printing or “retro” style enlarging of negatives.

In short, this newest film on the block, offers the film photographer an alternative to the traditional range of Foma films. The highlights have a beautiful “soft” feeling, especially when projected through the enlarger. Check out a review here:

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Dimensions 20.5 × 15.5 × 2.5 cm


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