Fomatol PW “Warm Tone” Paper Developer


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Expiry: 30/4/22  Power Chemistry in Sealed bags.


Specially formulated glycine – hydroquinone warmtone paper developer in powder form. Image colour can be changed by varying dilution of the working strength producing rich brown / yellow tones. Specifically designed for chlorobromide papers (warmtone). Sufficient quantity to prepare 1L of stock.

May be used as either a stock solution or diluted up to 1:3 (for warmer results) and with a capacity to process approx. 30 FB 8” x 10” prints. 

I found this dev similar to “Lith” printing. Go heavy with your exposure (+2-3 stops) and extend the development time ( 4-8 minutes) and you’ll be right. I also bump up the contrast grade by 1.5 higher than “Normal” e.g. if normal is Grade 2, then test at Grade 3.5

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