Fomaspeed 312 Matte 8″x10″ – 25 sheets


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Variable-contrast, neutral tone black and white photographic paper on RC base. The contrast grade of the paper can be varied in a wide range from extra soft to ultra hard by using colour filters, allowing prints to be made even from negatives with extremely low or extremely high contrast.

In my experience with this paper it has shown a great range of tonality rarely seen in today’s modern papers. Development time ranges from 90 – 150 seconds, with great highlight detail on the extended time. In the Fomatol P developer image colour tends to be neutral to warm. I have noticed a cooler tone using liquid concentrate developers like Fomatol LQN or Ilford Multigrade. Tray development is highly recommended. Tones beautifully with Selenium, Sepia and Blue toner due to the high silver content.

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