R 100 Movie film, Super 8mm


Super 8mm B&W reversal film stock in 30.5m rolls

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This Double Super 8mm Positive film stock is panchromatically sensitized black and white reversal film of the speed ISO 100/21°. It is  distinguished by very fine grain, high resolving power and contour sharpness, and higher contrast. 

  • True Black and White Reversal Film
  • Double Super 8 /10 meter roll film
  • Exposes two halves of a 16mm film, which is designed to be slit into two 8mm lengths of film and spliced together after processing.
  • DS8 has Super 8-style perforations, allowing for larger image area than if just splicing actual 16mm film
  • ONLY FOR USE with DS8 Cinemagraphic Cameras with film reel loading (DS8 models are typically branded as such on the camera), NOT for Super 8 cartridge cameras.