R 100 Movie Film, Standard 8mm – 10 meters (2×8)


Standard 8mm B&W reversal film stock in 10m rolls. 30.5m rolls available via special order.

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This Double Standard 8mm Positive film stock is panchromatically sensitized black and white reversal film of the speed ISO 100/21°. It is  distinguished by very fine grain, high resolving power and contour sharpness, and higher contrast. 

This film is standard 8mm film, also know as regular 8 film format or double 8. On the first pass though the camera, the film is exposed only along half of its width. When the first pass is complete, the operator opens the camera and flips and swaps the spools.  The same film is exposed along its other edge. After the film is developed, the processor splits it down the middle resulting in two lengths of 8mm film (double 8mm), single perforated on each side.

  • True Black and White Reversal Film
  • 2×8 mm standard /10 meter roll film
  • Frame size 4.8mm x 3.5mm and 1 meter contains 264 pictures
  • Not on reels intended for cassettes
  • Not for Super 8 cartridge cameras

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
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