Fomapan 400 Action 35mm Bulk – 17m


  • 10+ rolls of 36 exposures
  • Good overall tonality, fine grain and sharpness
  • Similar to Tri-X a decade ago
  • A great film at a great price

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FOMAPAN 400 Action is a black-and-white negative film suitable for taking pictures under unfavourable light conditions. High requirements for fine granularity, good resolution and contour sharpness and a wide range of halftones are met with this film. Having the nominal speed of ISO 400/27 C combined with wide exposure latitude, Fomapan 400 yields very good results even with overexposures up to 1EV (corresponding to ISO 200/24 C) or underexposures up to 2 EV.

The fastest film in the Fomapan range, featuring good overall tonality, fine grain and sharpness. Similar to Tri-X a decade ago. Rate at 320 asa for better shadow detail. This film can be processed in all film developers and is a great film at a great price!


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