Mural Printing


Printing larger than 20” x 24” requires using 42” roll paper. These prints are processed by hand in troughs and are available up to 42” x 54” (108 cm X 126 cm). We specialise in Fibre Base printing due to the time involved and the archival factor, making them so much more worth the effort. Most paper stocks are available. Please note approximately 3 – 5 meters of paper is used on average to create the final print, hence the costing.

THE PROCESS: Each trough will use around 5 litres of chemistry and fresh developer is used for each new image. All prints are rolled continuously through the chemistry and from start to finish (per print) takes around one hour. That is the printing process. The archival wash sequence is then used for the final prints, which involves a first wash for  5 – 6 minutes, then a Hypo Clearing Bath for 10 minutes and a final wash for 40-50 minutes. If the murals are for fine art (i.e. exhibition or fine print sale), after the H.C.B. we use another 5 minute wash, then a Selenium toning bath for either colour shift or archival protection. This is followed by the Archival wash sequence. TIME equals ARCHIVAL.



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