Film Processing & Contact Prints

The skills required for professional film processing by hand, requires discipline, confidence and experience. Each film is unique. At Blanco Negro we offer a range of services designed to make the most of this beautiful medium. Develop your film in D-76 at Normal or use the PMK Pyro for historical/alternative printing processes, the choice is yours.

Each film is hand processed using fresh chemistry and takes approximately 90 minutes to process, dry to dry. Years of experience goes into each roll or sheet, for consistent, clean processing.

The benefits of manual hand processing includes: a huge range of developers and control of dilution for grain or contrast adjustment and room for major or minor time/temperature correction.

STANDARD SERVICE: Film is processed in Stock D-76 at 20 degrees, developed as required and finished in archival sleeves.

CUSTOM SERVICE: After testing your developer + film + time combo, this becomes YOUR standard. There may be an extra charge for this service, though only the initial testing may incur a fee. Some developers may be costly and will incur 30% charge.

We also have a lot of experience processing old film stocks of various formats.

Other developers maybe available: FomaDon LQN, Pyro PMK (+25%), T-Max. D-23 (+25%) & Technidol (+25%). Please email for more detailed information if necessary.

All prices are G.S.T. inclusive.


35mm and 120 format: $19.25 

5 / 4″ per sheet: $9.46 

5 / 7″ per sheet: $11.00 

10 / 8″ per sheet: $12.75

11 / 14″ and beyond: $17.50


Standard on 9.5  /12″ RC paper $19.25 and FB paper $37.50.

Super Proofs enlarged onto 20 / 24″ RC paper $75.00 and FB paper $95.00.

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