Standard & Fine Art Printing Service

The Classic Silver Gelatin Service

Choose between neutral, warm-tone or special textured paper stocks and combine these with a selection of developers and toners for truely unique photographic fine prints. All negatives are printed with the expertise of 25+ years experience. The standard print service is suitable for images not requiring archival protection and is suitable for family albums, work/proof prints and other general applications.


The Fine Art Printing Service

This is our exhibition quality print service, when the highest standards are required. Custom toning of silver gelatin photographs, the Lith printing process and liquid emulsion printing are some options available.


Fine Art Printing including Toning Options

Toning has been used from the beginning of photographic print making for colour adjustment, archival protection and artistic impression.

Formulas are refined to suit the various paper and developer combinations. The choice of colour is vast, controllable and archival. All images are custom printed to the artist’s wishes – with testing and a little time, a unique print is created. A wider selection of samples are available to view in the studio.

Toners available include: Selenium*, Gold*, Sepia*, Blueˆ and Copperˆ.

* indicates archival toner, ˆ indicates non-archival (though many Blue Prints are still in great shape after more than a century and a half!)



Liquid Emulsion

As the name suggests, L.E. is a photographic print in a bottle. It can be coated onto almost any surface, including glass, wood, plaster, fabric and paper. Each surface requires a different approach. For example, paper is by far the easiest and quickest. Paper surfaces generally require a straight forward coating of emulsion, then dried, exposed (after testing) and carefully processed. Silk as an example will require a “subbing” layer – usually photographic grade gelatin – and slightly different processing procedures. Although initial testing is required, L.E. is highly creative and a very rewarding process. The only limitation is your imagination.

Available from silver gelatin or digital negatives.

Cost is $110 per hour plus materials.


Lith Printing

An “alternative” silver gelatin printing technique using a specialised developer and paper combination to yield a wide range of contrasts and colour casts. Our experience in this style means we can customise many aspects of the overall look of the final print giving each photographer something special. Go for the “Classic Lith” look or we’ll create one for you.

Prints respond extremely well to toning, they can also be bleached and re-developed or left natural or all of the above! Each print will always be a ‘one off’. Lith printing is a time consuming process and is priced as Warm Tone paper.

Requirements: any format of silver gelatin negatives.




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