Blanco Negro is heading overseas for a holiday! Online sales will continue as usual, but Darkroom and Education services will be on hold until my return…

At Blanco Negro, our aim is the continuity of Black & White hand crafted photographic images via the education of correct procedures. This is to help ensure it’s longevity for future generations. Blanco Negro offers practical advice and instruction though our experience in creating photographs for many Australian photographers, utilising various printing techniques and processes. Why not learn to create beautiful images and help to continue this beautiful printing process.

When using film, one helps to capture photographs, not delete them. And when printed in a darkroom, we create more than a memory, but a thing of beauty. Most times!

Lessons are available from $85 per hour ( + materials ) either in the Hunter Valley darkroom or in your personal darkroom.

My 1 to 1 workshops specialise in many Black & White darkroom processes;

Any format film processing – 35mm to 10″/8″ and beyond.

Introduction to Silver Gelatin (B&W) printing.

Beyond the basics; an introduction to the Fine Print.

Toning of B&W prints; for colour control and longevity

Liquid Photographic Emulsions

The Lith process; an introduction
Mentoring is also available to help with a special project, exhibition printing or creating portfolios.

Chris Reid #2 by Bradley Scott


Christopher Reid’s earliest memories of the darkroom begin at age 8, watching his Father process black & white and colour film in the “coal-hole” under the stairs in his childhood home in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Over 30 years later, Chris’ passion for the darkroom is still going strong. As the owner/operator of Blanco Negro, one of the last dedicated professional black & white darkroom in Australia, he prints for many of Australia’s finest photographers and galleries.

Chris also teaches at Gold Street Studios, a photographic school in Victoria that specialises in historical and alternative processes.

He is a respected member of the print making community both here in Australia and overseas.

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