Digital Enlarger Silver Gelatin Printing

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We can print from you your digital camera or smart phone!

Our digital DeVere enlarger allows the digital photographer the opportunity to have their images printed onto the finest silver gelatine papers available, usually the exclusive domain of film photographers. The DeVere DS 504 is exclusive to BLANCO NEGRO.

The printing process is the same for traditional silver gelatin, except a digital JPEG file is prepared at 300 dpi, in 8bit RGB (Black & White positive) with a print size up to 16″ x 20″, though 20″ x 24″ is possible. The image is loaded into the computer, previewed through the monitor and projected through the enlarger lens.

The image is then printed onto the chosen paper stock and processed accordingly. Post printing applications can also be added, such as archival or colour toning, bleaching effects or selected toning.

Because all computer screens vary, the DS has adjustment tools to alter the contrast and density to suit each image. Dodging and burning techniques are also available but only to a limited capacity. Basically, you want to keep as much image information as possible, just like film! In addition, alternative printing techniques can also be implemented such as “Lith Printing” and “Liquid Emulsions”. Dream on…

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