Darkroom Hire, only available in the Hunter Valley location

DIY? Well, why not? Our darkroom hire option might just be right up your alley. At Blanco Negro we appreciate that photographers often want the control and satisfaction of hand crafting their own imagery. That’s exactly why we offer this service. Personally, there’s nothing better than physically seeing your own prints come to life. We understand that this gives a whole new connection between a photographer and their images. Which is why we encourage anyone to spend some time in our Sydney darkrooms.


Darkroom Hire From A Seasoned Printer

At the beginning of your darkroom session, Chris will run through the basics of using the machine. He will be here to happily advise on any aspects you may be unsure about. This includes things such as which developer to use for an old film or how to adjust times for push/pull of film. Want to try a different paper? We can help with our time-proven knowledge about developer and toner combinations that will work best for your project. Our darkroom hire is set up to ensure that you succeed as much as possible, providing not only a great space to learn but also backing you up with expert, practical knowledge.


What’s Included In Our Darkroom Hire?

Clients only need to bring along their negatives, sleeves and film developer. We will supply all the other necessary materials.

A complete selection of FOMA photographic products is available, or you can bring your own. We can also provide chemistry, a choice of premium papers, and even a silver packed liquid emulsion. Browse our website for more Foma product information. We stock a wide range of film developers in our chemistry cabinet. We can provide you with good starting times for various types of film/developer combinations. Give us a call/email if you require further information.Everyone who uses the darkroom will have access to a 40″ and a 50″ trough for mural printing up to 50″.

A full selection of lenses is available, from 50mm (Apo Rodenstock) to 300mm. All enlargers include professional 4 blade easels, micro focus scopes, dodgers and burners, and 24″ and 52″ paper cutters. Our De Vere colour head enlargers are available in 10/8″ and 5/4″ sizes. Plus a 5/4″ Besler condensor enlarger.

For the film processor, we have a choice of two film drying cabinets and plenty of Paterson roll film tanks and Jobo sheet film tanks. Also available are film leader pullers, openers and scissors. Bring along your own sleeves or purchase archival Print File sleeves, imported from the U.S.A.

We have two light boxes for clean and convenient film cutting and sleeving. To finish your hand crafted prints, spotting inks, clean cotton gloves and a dry mount press (up to 24″) for Fibre Base prints is also available for use.


Get access to our darkroom hire for just $27.50 per hour. (GST inclusive) Pricing includes all chemistry and bar FILM developer. Bookings are essential, please give us about 4-5 days notice if you’d like to hire the darkroom. Please contact us to arrange. (After hours & weekend hire is also available for students who have had prior bookings)
So, whether you need to make a set of 5/7” work prints, or a 42” mural exhibition, or process 5 or 55 rolls/sheets of film, BLANCO NEGRO can provide!

Please note that our digital enlarger is not available for hire.